Company overview

ENYO Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company incorporated in Jan, 2014, by four scientists of the Infectiology Research Center in Lyon, France, and three seeding partners (2 privates and 1 public).

The company is based in the premises of Lyonbiopôle in Lyon, France and maintains tight collaborations with the seminal Inserm team and the BSL4 laboratory Inserm-Jean Mérieux.

ENYO Pharma has licensed several Inserm patents issued from the discoveries of the founding scientists and developed a unique platform for the identification of intracellular therapeutic targets and molecules.

The company is developing treatments against the most important viruses and is thriving to become a global leader in anti-virals. Research & Development is currently focused on human infecting viruses, with the first two programs being dedicated to the treatment of severe and seasonal flu and chronic hepatitis B. The company plans to conduct its molecules to Phase II clinical trials.