HBV-TAG 2021 Conference (Sponsorship)

11-12 June 2021
Virtual Conference

ENYO Pharma has sponsored the 2021 Inaugural Virtual Hepatitis B – Therapeutic Agents Conference.

“The primary objective of the Virtual HBV-TAG Conference is to meet the educational needs of research and development stakeholders and healthcare professionals who seek to improve the lives of patients with HBV. The aim of the HBV-TAG conference is to bring together key opinion leaders from the teams of clinicians that care for patients with HBV (hepatologists and gastroenterologists) and pharmaceutical industry representatives to discuss optimized trial design, patient populations, therapeutic endpoints, as well as the potential benefits these agents can have for patients with HBV. This conference will deliver a focused scientific educational update that highlights the most clinically relevant advances in HBV to guide future directions in diagnostic procedures and the development of therapeutic agents for HBV. ”

The virtual exhibit booth was a great opportunity to present the preliminary results of our lead compound, Vonafexor (EYP001, FXR agonist) in Phase 2a study treating naive patients with chronic Hepatitis B :

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