Early projects

Ebola virus

Early 2015, ENYO Pharma entered in a 3 years collaboration with the Inserm laboratory of Dr Vincent Lotteau and Pr Patrice André to test several compounds against Ebola virus in the BSL4 laboratory Inserm-Jean Mérieux under the overarching project “EBOLACURE”.

The contribution of ENYO Pharma to this joint project is mainly in kind through personnel support and by providing some of ENYO’s original molecules.

Influenza, HRV, RSV, TB, Zika and triple negative breast cancer

With the MIMESIS project, ENYO Pharma has initiated the scaling-up of its original Drug Discovery platform’s approach. The aim is to discover original preclinical tools and compounds against human targets not previously considered tractable to drug development. MIMESIS project focuses on infectious Diseases (Influenza, HRV, RSV, TB and Zika) but also on Oncology (triple negative breast cancer).