Early projects

MIMESIS program (EU co-funded for Influenza, HRV, RSV, TB, Zika and triple negative breast cancer

To scale-up its drug-discovery approach, the European Commission has granted ENYO Pharma with an Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program for its MIMESIS project. The aim is to discover and bring to lead optimization at least 5 original preclinical assets in both infectious and non-infectious disease contexts.

The library has been screened in phenotypic assays against four viruses (Influenza virus, Respiratory Syncityal Virus, Zika virus and Human Rhinovirus), one mycobacterium (Tuberculosis) and also screened for inducers of Immunogenic Cell Death in a triple negative breast cancer cell line. The last screen is a new approach of immuno-oncology currently not so much explored by the Pharma industry but delivering promising results.

Currently, all the screens delivered promising series (some with submicrocolar activity and no cytotoxicity). Promising series are currently under optimization.