Targeting Ebola 2015

May 28-29, 2015

Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Targeting Ebola 2015 will be a unique and cutting edge conference to discuss the recent advances, strategies and challenges in all Ebola issues, with plenary lectures given by leading scientists, and poster presentations covering various aspects of Ebola infection.
Ebola 2015 will address and discuss different strategies and challenges (short and long term) across the entire innovation cycle. We will discuss the vaccine candidates available and the ability to roll out clinical trial vaccination programmes in EU / Africa, and how to conduct studies in areas where Ebola virus disease is endemic. We will discuss how a rapid diagnostics can detect EVD at acceptable costs and with very high sensitivity and specificity. We have invited academics and industrials to discuss strategies to treat Ebola infection by innovative drugs, immunotherapy and others. We will take in consideration the ethical and political issues of this strategic problem.

Dr Vincent Lotteau’s talk : “Drug discovery inspired by viruses”

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