Unique libraries

ENYO Pharma has constructed a unique database dedicated to drug discovery that structures virus-host interaction data in the context of the human protein interaction network and integrates authorized and experimental drug-target data. This offers opportunities for a rational identification of antiviral drugs acting on cellular proteins.

A library of virus-derived peptides was constructed from the virus-derived sequences interacting with cellular proteins. Functional screening of this library of peptides interfering with protein-protein interaction allows the identification of both antiviral peptides and cellular therapeutic targets. Therefore, screening of this library allows a full exploitation of the strategies selected during virus-human co-evolution to control cellular functions.

A library of small molecules, experimental or FDA-approved, known to alter the function of viruses’ cellular targets is repositioned by ENYO Pharma to control viral replication.

Cellular proteins targeted by our peptide library are however largely untapped by the Pharma industry. These virus-derived peptides and their corresponding human targets are therefore unique drug discovery tools beyond antivirals offering innovative alternatives to modulate orphan human targets.


Construction and functional screening of our virus-derived peptide library