An innovative approach

ENYO Pharma has developed an innovative and disruptive drug discovery engine allowing to develop patentable molecules directed against new therapeutic intracellular targets.

The approach is inspired by viruses which are obligate intracellular pathogens. Over millions of years of evolution, they have perfected their ability to modulate and hijack the cell functions for their own benefit to complete their replication.

ENYO Pharma’s founders have deciphered virus-host interactions and built a unique concept based on virus bio-mimetism.

The key was to identify the right protein-protein interactions and the peptide sequence of a viral protein sufficient to target and modulate the activity of a host protein. From the viral bioactive peptides, ENYO Pharma designs active small molecules mimicking the structure and the activity of the peptide that can be easily developed.

This innovative approach allows to identify first-in-class therapeutics which are efficient against hitherto untapped targets and safe (the protein modulation is already used by viruses while keeping essential cellular functions intact to allow them time to replicate).

The proof-of-concept of this drug discovery engine has already been achieved through the development of the EYP002 program. The scale-up of this approach was performed with the EU funded MIMESIS project.

ENYO platform

Long term durable and scalable R&D platform