Interactome datasets

The pharma industry has an increased focus on protein-protein interactions (PPI) targets and PPI are entering into mainstream drug discovery. A critical phase in this emerging area is the deciphering of the complete set of protein interactions that exist in Nature.

Human Interactome

As a first step into this process, ENYO Pharma has unveiled its human protein interaction dataset mapped to the level of interacting domains. This dataset is now available for the scientific community in neXtProt thanks to ENYO/CALIPHO SIB collaboration.
This network of high-confidence, experimentally proven protein-protein interactions covers around 100,000 physical PPI of more than 12,500 human neXtProt reference proteins. 8 % of those interactions are described with interacting domains.

Human interactome with ENYO Pharma data

Representation of the human interactome integrated into neXtProt.
In red, proteins with knowledge brought by ENYO Pharma.

Virus-Human Interactome

ENYO Pharma plans to release in 2021 its unprecedented virus-human protein interaction network gathered through 15 years of manual high-standard curation of the scientific literature. This dataset is comprehensively updated every 3 months and today consists in about 60,000 interaction descriptions between 8,500 human proteins and proteins from 250 viral species.

Those datasets are the core of ENYO Pharma inspiration for drug discovery.