Immunotherapies for Infectious Diseases Congress

10 – 11 December, 2018

Lyon, France

ENYO Pharma’s CSO Eric Meldrum is participating today at the I4ID Congress (Immunotherapies for Infectious Diseases Congress) in Lyon, France. I4ID Congress is dedicated to Host-Directed Therapies to fight infectious diseases. During this event, Eric will present new data from ENYO Pharma preclinical programmes to exemplify the power of ENYO Pharma’s drug discovery approach.

“The 2nd edition I4ID2018, follows the success of the first edition, that gathered together more than 175 participants, 80 organizations, academics, industries, businesses and 33 internationally renowned speakers to discuss and exchange on immunotherapy as a new therapeutic way to fight emerging and or re-emerging infectious diseases, and tackle the problem of multi-resistance to antimicrobial compounds.

The purpose of this two-day congress is to foster interactions between pharmaceutical industries, research labs, service providers, and technology developers, and thus promoting the use of immunotherapies for prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.” (

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