Company overview

ENYO Pharma is a privately held clinical stage biopharmaceutical company incorporated in January 2014. Founders are a mix of virus-host protein interactions experts from the French Infectiology Research Center (Inserm) in Lyon and pharmaceutical industry executives with an impressive track record in drug development. The company is developing new small molecule therapeutics, mainly first-in-class, in various therapeutic areas with unmet medical needs.

The company is headquartered in Lyon, France and has also a subsidiary in Melbourne, Australia. Since its inception, ENYO Pharma’s leadership team has already raised 76 million € for its development.

ENYO Pharma is pioneering a brand new approach and has built a unique drug discovery platform based on biomimetism of the secular strategy how viruses have adapted during evolution to hijack the human cellular functions for their own benefit.

ENYO Pharma owns an exhaustive database of all known virus/human protein-protein interactions from which new cellular targets are discovered. From that, small active molecules are designed and developed until Phase II clinical trials internally or through partnerships. The company is currently developing treatments against metabolic diseases, infectious diseases and in oncology.