2021 International HBV Meeting

26-30 September 2021
Toronto, Hybrid event

ENYO Pharma team will be present at this event organized by The Hepatitis B Foundation.

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UBS Biotech Private Company Event

Virtual Event
September 22-23, 2021

Jacky Vonderscher, our CEO, gave a talk during the plenary of the UBS Biotech Private Company Event.

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Paris NASH Meeting

September 9-10, 2021

ENYO Pharma team will be present at the 7th edition of this event organized by Arun Sanyal and Lawrence Serfaty.

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EASL – International Liver Congress 2021

23–26 June 2021
Digital congress

ENYO Pharma will be present from the 23th to the 26th of June 2021 at the digital EASL International Liver Congress with a first poster “A phase 2 study testing FXR agonist Vonafexor in treatment naive patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB): preliminary week 16 results” (EASL-ICL 2021 Abstract No. 2844) in the Hepatitis B/D Therapy Session:

And a second poster “Farnesoid X receptor alpha ligands inhibit in vitro HDV replication and virion secretion and infectivity”

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HBV-TAG 2021 Conference (Sponsorship)

11-12 June 2021
Virtual Conference

ENYO Pharma has sponsored the 2021 Inaugural Virtual Hepatitis B – Therapeutic Agents Conference.

“The primary objective of the Virtual HBV-TAG Conference is to meet the educational needs of research and development stakeholders and healthcare professionals who seek to improve the lives of patients with HBV. The aim of the HBV-TAG conference is to bring together key opinion leaders from the teams of clinicians that care for patients with HBV (hepatologists and gastroenterologists) and pharmaceutical industry representatives to discuss optimized trial design,

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