EASL – The Digital International Liver Congress 2020

August 27-29, 2020
Digital congress

ENYO Pharma was connected from the 27th to the 29th of August at the digital EASL International Liver Congress and present 2 posters.

“Characterization of EYP001 a novel, potent and selective FXR agonist in in vitro 3D human liver models”

“A novel small molecule modulating the mitochondrial NEET (CISD) proteins activity improves inflammation and fibrosis in a diet-induced model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis”

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J.P. Morgan 2020 – 38th Annual Healthcare Conference

January 13-16, 2020
San Francisco, USA

“ENYO Pharma team was present at San Francisco during the J.P. Morgan conference, which is the largest and most informative healthcare investment symposium in the industry, bringing together industry leaders, emerging fast-growth companies, innovative technology creators, and members of the investment community.”

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ENYO Pharma new headquarters opening

On the 18th of November, 2019 ENYO Pharma and Edelris inaugurated their new main offices in the Laënnec Bioparc located in Lyon. It was a great moment and we had the honor to host Mr. David Kimelfeld (Metropolis President) and Mr. Michel Le Faou (Municipal Councilor representing the mayor of the 8th arrondissement) for our “biotechnologies and territory development” round table. This new headquarter localization will open promising horizons for collaborations and contribute to ENYO’s growth.

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8-12 November, 2019
Boston, Massachusetts

ENYO Pharma attended the AASLD meeting in Boston and presented four posters as well as performed an oral presentation around FXR agonists in HBV and NASH.

During the conference, ENYO Pharma sponsored a Symposium to discuss recent advances in the understanding of the replication of Hepatitis B (HBV) and the potential ability of Farnesoid X receptor (FXR) agonists, such as EYP001, to provide a functional cure for HBV.

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Targeting Immunometabolism in Autoimmune Diseases and Inflammation conference

22 October, 2019
New-York, USA

ENYO Pharma will participate to the “Targeting Immunometabolism in Autoimmune diseases and Inflamamtion conference” in New York and will present a poste entitled “A novel small molecule modulating mitochondrial activity improves inflammation in a diet-induced NASH model”

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