8-12 November, 2019
Boston, Massachusetts

ENYO Pharma attended the AASLD meeting in Boston and presented four posters as well as performed an oral presentation around FXR agonists in HBV and NASH.

Download the poster (PDF) Download the poster (PDF)

Download the poster (PDF) Download the poster (PDF)

During the conference, ENYO Pharma sponsored a Symposium to discuss recent advances in the understanding of the replication of Hepatitis B (HBV) and the potential ability of Farnesoid X receptor (FXR) agonists, such as EYP001, to provide a functional cure for HBV. The session “FXR agonist targeting HBV: a new therapeutic class?” was led by the following Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs):
– Prof. Fabien Zoulim (Inserm Lyon): General overview of HBV replication, the role of HBx and cccDNA as targets in the landscape of new HBV treatments
– Prof. Stephan Urban (Heidelberg University): Update on HBV transcription regulation-ready as a target for therapeutic intervention
– Prof. Robert Gish (HepB Foundation): Presentation of the EYP001 FXR agonist phase 1b data as an example of a new therapeutic option in development

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