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A new collaboration studying the impact of FXR function on HBV replications

ENYO Pharma is pleased to announce the initiation of a collaboration with the group of Professor Patrice André (Inserm U1111, Lyon, France) to develop a deeper understanding of how FXR agonists inhibit the replication cycle of Hepatitis B (HBV). In addition to identifying opportunities for new anti-HBV therapeutics, this collaboration will strengthen understanding of the mode of action of EYP001, ENYO’s lead compound. EYP001 is a highly selective FXR modulator that reduces the HBV cccDNA reservoir,

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ENYO Pharma receives Tranche 2 of its Series A investment.

ENYO Pharma has received the 10 M€ Tranche 2 of its Series A investment. The Board of Directors unanimously requested the Investors release this second Tranche of the 22 M€ Series A which closed in January 2016. This release is a response to several successfully achieved milestones, most importantly the Board decision to initiate Phase 1b in chronically infected, HBV patients. The first patients enrolment is planned for Q2 2017.

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